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The Mountain Witch | Kaltblut Magazine
Art Direction
An editorial inspired by the question of what seems to trap a woman between this life and the beyond is the anguish of being hurt by those closest to her. Yama Uba is an ancient Japanese witch who lives and hunts in the mountains and eats anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross her path. She will often pose as a young woman who will offer shelter to lost travellers. Once the traveller falls asleep, she will eat them. It is said that the Yama Uba was a normal woman when the area where she was living experienced a famine. Her family couldn’t feed her, driving her out into the woods to starve. She eventually found shelter in a cave, although she was driven insane and started to feed off people, turning into the Yama Uba from desperation or rage.

Photography – Rotem Lebel
Art direction by Maya Agam
Styling by Corine Swed 
Make up and hair by Or Kopolies
Fashion assistant- Shay Ron 
Makeup assistant- Ella Glikman 
Production assistant
Model is Yana Ranno

© All rights reserved to Maya Agam